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Innovation Innovation
Technical Advantages
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
    Intelligent Manufacturing
    Precise control of production process
  • Demand Customization
    Demand Customization
    Provide comprehensive and customized solutions
  • Scientific Research Innovation
    Scientific Research Innovation
    Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and promote industrial upgrading by independent R&D
  • Green Driven
    Green Driven
    Promote green development with green resources
Industrial Chain Advantages
Rare Earth Mining
Rare Earth Metals
Material Manufacturing
Precision Machining
Surface Coating Treatment
Intelligent Assembly
  • Material Manufacturing
    Material Manufacturing
    Achieved independent preparation of sintered NdFeB material, committed to self-developed preparation of low heavy rare-earth and heavy free rare earth sintered NdFeB materials, promoting the development of energy-saving equipment manufacturing and contributing to energy conservation and emission reduction.
  • Precision Machining
    Precision Machining
    Through the iterative upgrading of hardware equipment, precision machining is automated, processing a wider range of materials with greater precision, thus greatly improving production efficiency and ensuring high product quality.
  • Surface Coating Treatment
    Surface Coating Treatment
    With advanced and comprehensive analytical tools and a full range of testing capabilities, we can provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for surface protection of NdFeB permanent magnet materials.
  • Intelligent Assembly
    Intelligent Assembly
    Through self-developed intelligent manufacturing equipment and standardization of non-standard equipment, we have achieved intelligent modular assembly. We adhere to strict production control and process overall quality control so as to provide high quality products and solutions for our customers.
Product Advantages
Customised Design Advantages
Manufacturing Capabilities
Injection Molded Magnetic Components Manufacturing Capability
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